Technology Partners is recognized as one of the pioneering venture firms focusing in Cleantech.  Since our first Clean Tech focused investment in 1991, we have achieved industry leadership and prominence, having invested across the spectrum of  energy, water, and advanced materials opportunities.

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Accelergy createsadvanced bio-specialty chemicals using natural feedstock's.The company's proprietary catalytic and process technologies significantly increase the efficiency of the production of bio-specialty liquids, while reducing the greenhouse gas emissionsduring production.
Akros Silicon
Akros Silicon is a semiconductor intergreted circuit manufacturer specializing in a unique, patented form of energy management that reduces the amount of energy that consumers and businesses spend when their appliances, computers, TVs, and phones are in use, idle, or in standby modes.
G2X Energy
G2X Energy uses proven, proprietary technology to convert abundant supplies of low-cost natural gas into higher value transportation fuels.
IMERGY Power Systems
IMERGY Power Systems has developed a powerful energy storage platform for applications in the telecommunications, renewable energy, and grid power markets
Imperium Renewables
Imperium Renewablesis a national leader in next generation biodiesel refining and manufacturing technology.
KAIAM Corporation
KAIAM CORPORATION focuses on reducing the energy consumption in one of the largest and most notorious energy hogs in business: the data center. Kaiam has developed a unique and patented optical communications technology that replaces the incumbent electronic technology which currently creates the largest energy inefficiency in the modern data center.

A Merger between BlueNext and APX
NYSE Blue SM is a new global company majority owned by NYSE Euronext. The company has an exclusive focus on environmental and sustainable energy markets. It builds and manages Environmental Markets Exchanges, Infrastructure and Market Based Solutions in response to the world's economies shaping their environmental initiatives. NYSE Blue brings together APX, a leading provider of infrastructure and services to environmental sponsors and market participants and BlueNext, one of the world's leading spot exchanges for the European Emissions Trading system. NYSE Blue will continue to grow these businesses and serve their clients, but also actively seek out new opportunities where market mechanisms help fight climate change.

Ogin Inc. is developing a next generation wind turbine using proprietary technology developed for jet engines.
PolyFuel (AIM: PYF.L)
PolyFuel is developing direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) components with an emphasis on membrane technology, designed for portable applications including cellular phones, PDAs and laptops.
PowerGenix Systems
PowerGenix develops next generation Nickel-Zinc (Ni-Zn) rechargeable batteries, initially focused on cordless power tool, electric scooter/personal transportation, and consumer AA/AAA markets.
Acquired by GE (NYSE: GE)
Sensicore's mission is to create smart sensors and sensor networks that advance the purity and surety of water on a global basis.
Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA)
Tesla Motors develops and manufactures beautiful, high-performance electric cars that use no oil and emit zero emissions.
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